Turkish Rug Restoration Is Useful And Affordable

Turkish rugs are delicate and very attractive, but over time they get worn down just like all other rugs do. When it's time for your Turkish rugs to be repaired, you should get in touch with our Turkish rug restoration experts. Our company is highly recommended for Turkish rug and carpet cleaning in Brooklyn, but we also provide a wide range of useful Turkish rug restoration services as well.
Sometimes cleaning is not enough and restoration is what is needed. When a Turkish rug is damged it needs to be restored before it is cleaned. A wet rug is more prone to being damaged.
Our experts will always handle your Turkish rugs with care, and that's why they are preferred by both home and business owners who need rug restoration services in the area. We are often called on to provide rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, and rug fringing.
To know more about these common rug restoration services, read through the sections below.


Why Rug Recoloring is Needed

Bringing color back to a dull rug is what we do best. Turkish rugs are known for their vibrancy and uniqueness, which means when a Turkish rug gets dull in can ruin the whole magic of the rug.
Our service canprevent you from getting an expensive rug replacement. Our recoloring technicians have been doing this work for years, and they are meticulous and detailed inthe job they do. When you get your rugs back, they’ll look like they just came out of the store.
There is no need to worry about the dye running or your rug’s pattern being ruined—neither will happen. Once you get your rugs back from us, they'll be ready for use. They’ll look great for years to come too.

Turkish Rug and Reweaving

Rug reweaving is another service we often provide. If you own a Turkish rug, you may need reweaving more than once a year. These rugs are prone to unraveling, but when this happens you don't need to worry. You just need to get in touch with our experts.
We reweave your rugs so they look brand new. When we're done with reweaving, your rugs will be sturdy again. You won't have to worry about any part of the rug being damged. A reweaving will secure all loose ends, adding years of life to a rug.

When Turkish Rug Binding Is Necessary

If you’re considering getting a new Turkish rug then consider getting a binding service instead. We bind your Turkish rug using binding tape, and when we're done with this your rug will never look like it was damaged. Binding can add years of life to a rug, and this is one of the most affordable rug restoration services a Turkish rug owner can pursue. We bound up your rug and return it on time.

Get Turkish Rug Fringing From Us

A Turkish rug’s fringe is like its backbone, and this is why you should never let this part of the rug get damaged. When the fringe is damaged, you need rug refringing from our expertise. This service will save your rug, allowing you to enjoy it for many years to come.